Who am I? I am my family, my wife, my friends and also my past. My photographs are interpretations of my experiences, what inspires me and that is the answer of who I am.

I am Bruno, a dreamer, adventurer, friend, son and photographer (besides a lover of the most incredible person I know). There are many things about me, that I would love to tell you and believe me soon I will. I really want to tell you how I see life and how I live it, how for me; what I do fascinates me and makes me happy ... I'm lucky.

Being able to "capture life" is magical, even if it's only with my eyes, I'm always taking pictures because sometimes the simplest thing is the most special. So together let's learn, let's be free, creative and allow ourselves to feel



Named by Rangefinder Magazine's magazine as one of the 30 rising stars of wedding photography in 2017


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