Five years ago, we decided to change the course of our lives by emerging into something we had no idea where it was going to take us. Kary is an architect and Tae studied economics, you are probably thinking how in the world we ended being photographers, right?

We love photography, we are humbled and thankful for all things photography has brought into our lives, new friends, opportunities to explore unknown places, understand better that happiness is present in moments that goes unnoticed, it brought closer as partners, and the list goes on. But before photography, our never-ending thirst for adventures and stories is what introduced us to the curiosity of experiencing life and incorporating a view behind a camera.

Through weddings we are able to experience first hand, moments of genuine happiness, but also the beauty of vulnerability. Fathers blessing their sons, friends expressing their love, mothers comforting their daughters, and the celebration of one of the most fulfilling days of people’s lives. And we love couples that embrace and focus on the importance of these things.

It’s always amazing and engaging to shoot in surreal venues with beautiful details, with beautiful people, and flawless ethereal dresses. But regardless of all these things we favor moments of courageous expression and genuine moments.



2017Rodrigo Aguilera