A little about me in two words, silly and mysterious. That is how I view myself. Probably more silly than mysterious, but I do like to incorporate a bit of mystery into my work. A few personal things? Sure. I enjoy a good night’s sleep as much as I enjoy destroying tacos for lunch. I sometimes act like I am the lead singer of a rock band in front of the bathroom mirror while getting ready for the day. I create lyrics to television theme songs that are all about my dog. My favorite pastime is dancing in the car. I want to travel more. I still can’t find a good, reliable shampoo. I purchase shoes maybe once or twice per year. Teen wolf is a great film. I enjoy helping people.

How I work

i want to create photographs that are not only timeless, but works of art. I want clients to be proud to hang their photographs on the wall. Weddings are like a film, and i’m the director, but nobody knows i’m there. That’s how i prefer to tell the story of a wedding day. While i am physically and emotionally there, i recess myself into the depths of the day looking for the little moments, the characters, and the emotions. These are the ingredients and i am the chef.

WEBSITE: http://jacobloafman.com/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jacob_loafman/

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