There are people who look at the world as if every day this changed.

And Thais is one of those people. There are glances that are capable of penetrating the veil of monotony and habitual, eyes that move in different dimensions and that can see beyond what the rest we see.

It is difficult to speak of AzulClarito CasiBlanco and get to express what your photos really make you feel, and that is why I am going to use a metaphor that is right with your work. I have always imagined his mind as a prism, substituting the angular edges for the intricate contours of his brain. What a priori can be only light, it transforms into something different through it, its creativity is a weapon of massive creation, a rainbow of lights and shadows that tells stories.

Nothing is as we see it, the reality around us is an image that our brain imagines, dogs see it different and an ant probably has a perception so different from the world that we would be impossible to understand. Thais achieves precisely that, to change the way she sees the world, to perceive it through her photographs as a dreamlike fantasy of colors, smoke and impossible textures, her strength is that, to make any place magical, to transform a window and a chair In the best study possible.

Thais is AzulClarito CasiBlanco, an exceptional person with a wonderful gift, to see a world more beautiful than the rest we see and share it with everyone. His photograph is probably one of the most special I know, and besides I am lucky to be his friend, and being able to see through his eyes is perhaps one of the best gifts one can ask for.

Text by: Joy Zamora



2017Rodrigo Aguilera