Nomada Workshop is a constant quest to know, observe and capture moments. In a world so large, rough, unique and shining, it is difficult to stay in one place.

Inside a nomad, a restless heart lodges a constant call to the adventure, to undertake the search of freedom, to hunt all these moments and to transform them into images, since at the end of the road is the only tangible memory that remains.


Nomada Workshop, is a workshop specialized in wedding photography, which seeks to feed the restless souls. The goal is to learn, share, exchange experiences and grow, but above all to encourage the creation of ties between our friends, and through these intercultural relations, we can share the seed of knowledge and sow it in each of our travels around the world.


Our philosophy focuses on break barriers and paradigms of all kinds, with the aim of developing creativity to the maximum, sowing inspiration in each one of the assistants and that each one can improve his technique, educate his eye with a different vision , Polish your Style and improve the quality of your photographic work.

Nomad workshop is not a classic workshop, if you are looking to lock in an auditorium and wait for a conference to give away the formula of success, it is not for you. This will be a place where we can live freely and live alongside our nomadic teachers.


We are convinced that in the evolution of photography and its work, an important factor is the establishment of ties with professionals from all parts of the world, therefore we seek to create this community of photographers, a solid network that breaks physical and artistic barriers That allow us to enrich our inner nomad.

Nomada Workshop is the highest ideal to support talent and somehow fulfills dreams and beyond imagined, is a higher for those who seek in wedding photography not only a form of expression but a way of life.



We will begin the adventure from January 05 to January 10, 2020 at the Hacienda San Andrés, it is a paradise between volcanoes and huge fields, built between foundations that tell thousands of stories that date from a very old past. Today is a space dedicated to tell stories, live adventures and above all focused on the origin of food and an unforgettable gastronomy.