Hi, I'm Amelia, an adventurous, passionate and rebellious of life. In love with the little details, the unrepeatable, the unique and unforgettable. I enjoy good talks, hang out with friends, drink a beer and enjoy a good dinner; I love getting home and listening to music, watching movies and my weakness is animals.
I love spending my time with my special person Alfonso and walking our furry friend Agustus. I am simply a seeker of something magical in everything I do. I want to tell you that there is something I also do from the bottom of my heart ... tell stories! Meet people and have fun together planning a spectacular day, a wedding. Know what is behind each decision, why, what should be done here or there, a certain color, what theme, if it is only between 2 people or for 500. Each of the details, secrets and confessions that are behind a so emotional celebration.

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