We are really happy to be here today, sharing with you great news about our Workshop. It is being a great success all around México, and Latinamerica. Thanks for being part of this amazing proyect. 

Nevertheless, we have some spots available yet, so we would appreciate all the help you can bring through your social media, it would be helpful if once or twice a month you make noise and generate some content that could attract nomad souls, or convince many interested people that have not make a decition yet. 

Thanks in advance! Now let's focus in the main thing :)

Rodrigo, Alfonso and Amelia.


Please, fill the next form in order we can buy your flights in the next dates :) any doubt, please contact us, and we will be happy to help or give any advice.

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Departure Date
We highly recomend to arrive to CDMX on November 24. The days before this date, are not covered by the organizers. This is the general schedule of the first 3 days: Saturday / November 24th - Arrival to CDMX along the day. Transportation to the speakers hotel. Sunday / November 25th – Departure to Hacienda San Andrés at 12:00 pm, tentatively, arriving 1:30 pm aprox. Rest of the day: students arrive to the Hacienda, while we plan the last details. Welcome dinner at 9:00 pm. Monday / November 267h - We start with the workshop.
Return date *
Return date
* Please note that lodging and meals expenses are covered until Friday November 30th. At the moment of leaving the hacienda, everyone will be transported to a common destination point, which may be the airport or another one agreed during the workshop. If you wish to stay longer in CDMX, or move to another destination within the Mexican Republic, such expenses will be on your own. Keep in mind that according to the availability of flights and airlines, it is possible that your date and time of return can be anticipated or extended. If you need advice about nearby destinations, activities or excursions, please contact us and we will be happy to give you some recommendations.

Thank you very much and see you soon!

Alfonso | Rodrigo | Amelia