I am very happy to say hello and let me know you, tell me about your tastes, not tastes, impulses, your process of creation and emotion. And of course I also want to tell you a little about myself, what I have done in my life and why I do it and even tell you about the little things that make me happy like chocolates, reading, snow and watching a good movie.

It is the small details that make the difference, mark a style and even give direction to your life. For example, I started in a photography branch that can be a bit colder, one that focuses on the "lifestyle", fashion, and a slightly more superfluous part of the human being. However, in some way or another (call destiny), I started taking pictures for my friends' weddings and that was it; I discovered how happy they were to see the result and the emotions they generated ... there was no more, I felt full. The key is to discover what you like, what inspires you and then tell simple and honest stories.



Named by Rangefinder Magazine's magazine as one of the 30 rising stars of wedding photography in 2015


2018 ENRodrigo Aguilera