1.-. Where is Hacienda San Andres located?

Hacienda San Andrés is located in the municipality of Ayapango, to the east of the State of Mexico, 40 km away. From Mexico City.

2.- What are the dates of the workshop?
The workshop dates are from November 26 to November 29.
Arriving at Hacienda San Andrés on November 25 and leaving on Friday November 30, 2018.

3.-. What is the workshop price?
The price of the workshop will be $ 28,000.00 MXN

You can book your place with a third of the total before March 30th, and make two more payments: 

Before June 20th  

Before October 20th.

If you live in Mexico the deposit must be made in a Santander account that we will send you once you request it. If you live outside the Mexican Republic you can make your payment through a Mercado Pago account that we will provide you.

In both cases if you wish, you can defer the payment to 6, 9 and 12 months by paying through Mercado Pago with the following rates:

6 months ------- Total price of the workshop + 7.50%
9 months ------- Total price of the workshop + 10.72%
12 months ------ Total price of the workshop + 14.30%

4 .- What does my registration cover?
Your registration includes:

  • Round trip transportation to the Hacienda.
  • Accommodation at LA HACIENDA SAN ANDRES HOTEL GOURMET during the days November 25 to November 30, 2018
  • Welcome dinner on Sunday, November 25 and farewell on Thursday, November 29.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the days of the workshop.
  • Access to the workshops of each of our speakers and to the talks of our special guests.
  • 4 days of intense adventure and a lot of learning.

5.- What will be the dynamics of Nomad?

Each day will be used to carry out the workshop of one of our Nomads, and each one will carry a different dynamic. At night, we will listen to the talk of one of our special guests.

6.- In what language will the workshop be given?

The workshops and talks will be given in English and Spanish. We will have a translator for those who doesn't speak a language very well.

7.-What airport do I have to get to?

To the International Airport of Mexico City Benito Juarez

8.- What should I bring?

First of all a nomadic attitude, camera, batteries, charger and if you want a computer.

9.- How is the weather in the Hacienda in November?

The weather is very warm throughout the day, we recommend a sweater for the nights because they are a bit cold.

10.- Do I have access to the Internet?

Yes, there is internet access available in some areas of the hacienda.

11.-. Do I need a special international adapter for electricity to charge my equipment?

Only if you come from Europe.